Same Night Movie Review is a film review website that lives by a creed unlike any other:

  “Drink til the movie’s good!”

We’re like Siskel and Ebert, but with more drinking. While other sites give you star ratings, we ragive you something more practical:  how much alcohol is required to get through the worst affronts to the medium. Let’s face it, we’ve all sat through some tough, tough films that would have been made better had we had a little self medication. One shot being the best, five being the worst.

Founded in 2006 by Matthew Krol and Stephen Buja after a particularly bad night at the movies (Ultraviolet), the two friends have coerced, bribed and threatened all of their friends into appearing in at least one video over the years.

In addition to reviews both written and video, the troupe has branched out into internet webcast with their hour-ish long ‘Same Night Tonight’, where they deliver news, box office, reviews, interviews and of course, plenty of alcohol. A complete archive of both seasons of Same Night Tonight will be up and running shortly.

Follow their foibles and pitfalls as they attempt to find the best, and worst, that Hollywood has to offer.